Assignment 1: Wandering through the Internet
What's up
So you know how you wanted to go to Disneyland but couldn't because of covid right?
Yeah :(( I really wish I'd could go
So check this out!
What is it? 
It's the trailer to the Disney+ documentary about the making of Disneyland. I really think you should watch it! 
Cool! I'll go check it out, thanks! :)
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This is the original layout Walt Disney had planned for Disneyland. I found it very interesting because as precise and as logical as it seemed it still had a 'Walt Disney" feel to it. It like as if he was creating art in this layout. His vision was oozing through graphed paper and I thought that was genius and very imaginative (as one would describe anything made by Disney)
This is the original concept art for an exhibit in Disneyland called New Orleans.