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Assignment #3c: Midterm Summary
In this summary, I'll be reviewing what I have done for the following assignments: 
Assignment #1, #3a and b, Exercise #2 (redone)
Note: the assignment I left out are the ones I felt did not need to be mentioned because they don't take part in my research project.
Assignment #1: For this assignment, I talked about my love for Walt Disney and his work. I talked about how he was such a big inspiration to me as a kid and has influenced my art style, creativity, and general interest. I talked about how he combines logical and mathematical formulas to aid in his creations of artwork. I also looked at the concept designs that were the starting points to famous Disneyland. With this being the starting point, I started looking into what I myself wanted to create in concepts and find where my dreams and imagination led me.
Assignment #3a: Here, I was researching to hone in on my own interests for creative work and find a clear pathway to a piece I'm thinking of creating with a better awareness of my own interest. I've found that I have a lot of interest in the fantasy genre; I looked at what defines fantasy what aspects of fantasy did I like the most.
Assignment #3b: For this assignment, I looked at 3D modeling software and its aspects that I could use for my final project. I looked at its expansiveness, purpose, and other features to find what it was capable of doing in creative practice in creating an immersive, imaginative space.

Having worked on the previous assignments, I found a trend in interest. I found that I enjoyed Walt Disney's work because of how imaginative it was; I also enjoy the fantasy genre because it was so vast and free. With that in mind, I realized I found an interest in imaginative "world-building". This made me realize that my goal for this project was to create a personal imaginative space which also shown in the redone version of Exercise 2 below: